2017 Reading Resolutions

I am a pretty voracious reader, always have been and (hopefully) always will be. I think I read a respectable amount, especially whilst juggling a full time job with a social life and other commitments. But each year I go in and out of reconfidence-in-sunshineading slumps and it’s always tough to dig my way out. I’ve found, however, that a very effective way of getting back on the ball is to set reading goals and challenges – such as the Goodreads yearly challenge. I took part last year and read 31 books out of a goal of 30.

So, for 2017, I’ve decided to carry on creating some fun reading goals for myself to hopefully inspire me to read more widely. Here we go!

1) Goodreads goal – I’ve set this to 35, only 5 more than my 2016 goal. The reason I’ve done this is because, although my challenge last year really helped push me along with my reading, it also stressed me out quite a bit. Especially as I only really started working on the challenge halfway through the year. I also found at some points I was reading for the sake of reading, reluctant to put a book down if I wasn’t feeling it and sometimes, upon finishing a book, I didn’t really feel the satisfaction I was expecting. So goal is to read slightly more but not to stress myself out. Easy.

2) Buy less, read more – I love book buying, I am a self confessed hoarder. I’m often unable to stop myself from buying books that really catch my eye. Because of this, I have a huge pile of books waiting to be read, so my goal this year is to get some of the books I actually own read! I also plan to look to the library for any must-reads before purchasing. The only exception to this rule will be charity and secondhand bookshop purchases because they’re not really breaking the bank. Plus, supporting independent businesses and great causes is always a good thing!

3) Read more diversely – Looking at the books I read last year, I noticed that they were all quite similar books. I didn’t read enough non fiction or classic books last year and I definitely seemed to stick to stories I’m comfortable with. In 2017, I will endeavor to read more about different genders, sexualities, cultures and races with an emphasis on reading own voices.

4) Follow my reading themes calendar – I know. What a nerd. But I love a project so I’ve created a little calendar for myself as a guide for themed months. Again, I won’t beat myself up if I don’t stick to it but this will hopefully enable me to keep my third resolution. My monthly themes are as follows:

January: Resolutions! (Read what you want, essentially! Or what you’ve been meaning to read!)
February: LOVE! What it says on the tin really.
March: Women! Feminism! Inspiration!
April: Poetry and Shakespeare! April is Shakespeare’s birth month after all.
May: Mental Health!
June: LGBT+!
July: Book to film adaptations!
August: Summer! Just books about summer. Enough said really.
September: Diverse authors!
October: Horror!
November: Non-fiction!
December: Treat yourself!

That’s all for this year’s reading resolutions! In general, I plan to do a bit more running, painting, blogging and writing. Have a great year everyone!


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