What I Read: February

Hello and welcome to a new series of posts: What I Read. Each month I am going to wrap up my reading for the month (or the highlights). Here’s February… a little late, March will be coming at you next week!

My goal for February, what with it being love month and all that, was to read as many books with a romantic theme. This wasn’t difficult for me because my automatic reflex is to turn to a romance novel. Want to relax? Read romance. Want to cry? Read romance. Want to generally feel things? I. Read. Romance. In February, I decided to go for extra comfort (and test out the new reread function on Goodreads) by revisiting some of my favourite books, as well as a cute, new to me graphic novel.

what i read feb

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“Want fries with that?”

In defence of English degrees and doing whatever the hell you like.

This morning I saw a tweet from bestselling author, Diana Gabaldon, about her advice for aspiring authors who are choosing a university major. On the subject of English majors she said: “English major = “Want fries with that?” Pick something that will give you enough money to write what you want.” And ever since I saw that I have been stewing for a number of reasons.

Before I start, I want to say that this post is not really going to be about Diana Gabaldon. I don’t have any strong feelings against her. I’ve never read any of her books but I’m sure she is a very good writer. We all say silly things on the internet now and then so what I mostly want to discuss is why the idea in her tweet seems problematic to me.

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