This blog comes from years of wanting to write a blog but always being afraid to. On my twitter bio, I always used to write “aspiring writer”. But when does an aspiring writer become a writer? Is it when you’ve published your first novel? Or is it before that, when you first put pen to paper, and realise writing is something you love, something you might be good at. I’ve always been afraid to share what I write, whether that be my thoughts on a recent book I’ve read or a piece of creative writing. I’ve always been afraid to press send in case someone tells me I’m doing it all wrong, but, as Vincent Van Gogh once wrote, “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

This blog aims to cover a variety of things I’m interested in, primarily books, films, travel, art and life. I hope you like what I share and please leave a comment if you do!

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